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Elevator Baby Nollywood Movie Review

This amazing movie made the directorial debut of Akhigbe Ilozobhie’s. Elevator Baby launched in Nigerian cinemas on October 11th 2019. The movie on an exciting tone is highly entertaining, educating, refreshing and forgivably melodramatic . As always, the just delivered Toyin Abraham gave a stunning performance as Abigail, a pregnant semi illiterate who got stucked in an elevator with a rich, spoilt brat, party loving cum bad-mouthed young adult named Damilare played by Timini Egbuson.

The Story

The plot revolved around two completely different individuals who get caught up in the unlikeliest of circumstances by chance and end up impacting each other’s lives positively, I think! The movie is centered around Dare, a privileged young man with a fiery temper who gets stuck in a faulty elevator with a semi-illiterate pregnant woman who later went into labour.

Just as every son would be jealous seeing another man dating his mother even at his father’s demise, this was the case with Damilare and his Step Father, He barely love to see the break light of his suppose dad around, and this simultaneously made his relationship with his mother ‘played by Shaffy Bello’ sour, as the phrase ‘Love who you care about loves’ didn’t work out well between the mother and son. At dead end point, as a sign of reprimanding him his mother got all his accounts suspended and refused to fund him with his usual allowances.

Elevator Baby Nollywood Movie Download

Also on this note, as he was on the edge of losing his beloved girlfriend as he wasn’t getting funds to sustain his relationship, Just as the saying of girls loving money winks. Instead of him going to his mum to beg and be welcomed back just like prodigal son of the bible, he decided to get a job to fend for himself at all cost. Prideful I Say.

On one of his quest for jobs, he had no option than to be an emergency medic as he got stucked in a faulty elevator with a heavily pregnant woman who suddenly went into labour. He was given no choice than to help the lady deliver the baby as they were the only ones in the stucked elevator.

His mother’s partner ‘played by Yemi Solade’ who happened to be a doctor tried all possible measures to make it down there, but crazily with the help of lagos traffic he wasn’t able to make his service available. All he had to himself was his cellphone to deliver the new amazing being.

He learnt all he could to deliver on the phone then took the case on himself to welcome the baby to the world, which he did almost successfully till he noticed the child was out of breathe, took all his might as well to revive the baby and it was a success.

Through some recorded clips from the elevator cam which got uploaded on the social medias, he became a hero and was well appraised for being a great human, he also became a Godfather to the little creature he welcomed, also in honor to the help he rendered towards the delivery, the child was christened after him.

The experience helped groomed him to be a perfect man everyone seeks for, he was able to rekindle his love with his mother after seeing that to be a mother isn’t a child’s play. Lastly he was able to win his girlfriend’s heart back.
Just as every movie, the movie i can say isn’t worth a 100 on a 100, but it sure definitely worth a see…

PRODUCED BY: Niyi Akinmolayan

Elevator Baby Cast

Toyin Abraham as Abigail
Timini Egbuson as Damilare
Shafy Bello as Damilare’s Mother
Yemi Solade as the Medical Practitioner
Sambasa Nzeribe
Samuel Olatunji
Emem Ufot and lot others.

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