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Sugar Rush Nollywood Movie Review

To start with, many of Sugar Rush’s characters are reflections of people we are and/or people we see around us, but thorough introspection is buried deep beneath the rubble of all of the comedy on display. With boundless comic energy, Sugar Rush is undoubtedly exciting, but with what can only be described as a chaotic third act, it felt so much like a letdown especially since it had potential to go to a lot of better, more interesting places.

It is Jadesola Osiberu’s sophomore film after the critically acclaimed Isoken (2017) which earned her a Best Director award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA). Apart from this, Sugar Rush has a pretty decent lineup, one that’s guaranteed to pull the crowd to any cinema with the promise of electric performances.

I remembered to have been captivated by its trailer, its bright colours and big names such as Adesuwa Etomi, Banky W amongst other. Comedy seems to have more room to flounder than other genres in the movie. If the scenes for laughs are done well, it can paper over any cracks in the other aspects of the film. It might not be a masterpiece, but it would be definitely memorable.

Sugar Rush Nollywood Movie Download

The Plot

The movie is about three sisters, Susan (the eldest, played by Adesuwa Etomi), Sola (played by Bisola Aiyelola), and Bola (the youngest, played by Bimbo Ademoye). In an effort to better their lives and take care of their cancer-stricken mother and only living parent (played by veteran actress, Iya Rainbow), After their accidentally stumble upon a whopping $800,000 in cash and decided to keep it, the government’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the supposed owners of the money come for them, leading to the loss of the money to a different party in a series of whimsical event and this led to their involvement with some less-than-reputable characters who want the money and hilarious hijinks ensue.

To save themselves, and get back their abducted mother who’s being used as a bargaining chip, they team up with two bumbling law enforcement agents to pull off a heist/take down an affluent but dangerous man with supernatural powers. Of the best thing about the movie was the chemistry between the three leads. In the midst of hilarious and potentially dangerous situations, the hierarchical sisterly bond and love for each other shines through. Bimbo Adeboye especially deserves to win all the awards for her portrayal of the vain and social media-obsessed youngest sister, Bola. Other actors in the movie who deserve acclaim for their roles are Bisola Aiyeola (as the middle sister), Uzor Arukwe (as Knight, the mob boss who kidnaps the girls’ mother) and Williams Uchemba (as Obum, the idiot half of a pair of EFCC field agents).

Other enticing acts about the movie that I love was how wild the story gets as it goes on. While watching, I could at a point imagine the writers (Bunmi Ajakaiye and Jadesola Osiberu) frantically scribbling with maniacal smiles on their faces as they threw in some insane element plots one after the other. Examples of such plots were, The wildly impractical chase scene involving the Sugar sisters and Andy, Sola’s one-time love interest (played by Tobi Bakre), Andy’s surprise death scene, The girls not being able to catch a break between getting kidnapped by shady characters who wanted the money and the EFCC agents, and Yeah! The most insane sundae of Sugar Rush was how elements of the supernatural was casually introduced in the third act in the form of the bulletproof mob boss, Anikulapo (played surprisingly well by Banky W) and a juju-infused car with the ability to turn invisible amongst many others.

Yet, for all the bright spots, Sugar Rush seems to slip at the end as some scenes were left to the audience to fill its void, such scene are as Who deleted the video of Susan and Sola leaving the dead politician’s house with the money from the EFCC computer? If the politician was killed because of his reluctance to share the money (like Mrs Madueke, the EFCC boss who turned out to be a criminal, said), why didn’t the assassins just take the money with them when leaving? Why does Gina, the dead politician’s daughter (played by Toke Makinwa), send the inexperienced Sugar sisters on a heist to rob the vault of Anikulapo, a man who is quite literally armed to the teeth with juju? After that hilarious (night time) shootout, Anikulapo orders his henchman to kill and burn Susan and the EFCC agent, Dan (played by Mawuli Gavor). Why did he wait till daybreak to do it? and others.

Sugar Rush however is nowhere near perfect, But Definitely! After having seen my fair share of movies this year, I can confidently say that Sugar Rush is one of the most worth seeing movie though its not my best of the year.

Why then don’t you grab your popcorn and enjoy this one of the mood lifting movie….

DIRECTED BY: Kayode Kasum
PRODUCED BY: Jadesola Osiberu
WRITTEN BY: Bunmi Ajakaiye and Jadesola Osiber

Sugar Rush Move Cast

Bimbo Ademoye as Bola Sugar
Bisola Aiyeola as Sola Sugar
Adesua Etomi -Wellington as Susie Sugar
Iya Rainbow as Rhoda Sugar
Uzor Arukwe as Knight
Tobi Bakre as Andy
Mawuli Gavor as Dan
Omoni Oboli as Mrs. Madueke
D’Banj in special appearance and many others.

Duration: 2 hours.

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