Rema Twitter Rants About Hates in Music Industry, New Police Bill, Stole a Laptop, and Commends Obama

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Rema Twitter Rants About Hates in Music Industry, New Police Bill, Stole a Laptop and Commend Barrack Obama

Rema took to Twitter this afternoon to express how he feels about a lot of things happening around him. This is very unusual for him, as we all know his managements handle the social media platforms most times. Rema talked about life in fame, talks about the hates he gets from niggas, about antisocial lifestyle instead of been perceived as a disrespectful and rude boy. He also gave us a glimpse of the Nigeria New Police Bill that was just signed into law, not liking humans because they judge. 

I personally think that the series of twitter rants by rema, which his management were trying to tame his long tweets short could be a sign of rema being Depressed or having mental-unrest about the way things are going around him and also in the music industry.

Below are his tweets…

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