The Conversation With Villas-Boas That Changed Bale’s Career Forever

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The Conversation With Villas-Boas That Changed Bale’s Career Forever. 

In a statement to ‘COPA90’, the manager André Villas-Boas remembered the day when everything changed for Gareth Bale.

It was in a talk where the then wingback said he felt uncomfortable, which led to the change in position he had made at Tottenham before signing for Real Madrid.

André Villas-Boas was the coach who changed Gareth Bale’s career. Under him at Tottenham, the Welshman moved up a gear and ended up exploding as one of the world’s great offensive talents.

In statements to ‘COPA90’, the Portuguese coach wanted to reveal how that change took place. It originated from Bale’s own dissatisfaction, who said he felt uncomfortable and constrained within Spurs formation.

“Gareth didn’t feel that he was offering his full potential, he came to my office one day and said: ‘Boss, I’m not happy, things are not going well for me,” said Villas-Boas, who responded willingly.

“He said, ‘OK. I can try to switch to a 4-4-2 formation and you can play free at the top with Adebayor and I can move Sigurdsson to the left,” were the words the coach put to Bale.

And it was that adjustment that unleashed the best Bale: “This is when Gareth starts that series of matches in which he scored, I think for five or six games in a row, and his career exploded from that moment on.

From then on, Bale became a real offensive engine. In that campaign, the Welshman scored 26 goals in 44 games and ended up going to Real Madrid in exchange for 101 million euros.

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